It does not matter how long realism affords the mind the luxury of intellectual response; the striking fact is that every fruitful scientific revolution has forced a profound revision of the categories of the real. What is more, realism never precipitates such crises on its own. The revolutionary impulse comes from elsewhere, from the realm of the abstract.

Gaston Bachelard, The New Scientific Spirit

Situations is published semi-annually.  It addresses the lapse of the radical imagination in both left theory and in popular consciousness. It explores the social conditions and lived experiences that have lead to this malaise and supports explanations that do not reduce political phenomena to a reflection. Situations examines the fields of academic and cultural production in order to identify the systemic causes of this inability to break with lived experience. Situations publishes critical assessments of radical political thought with an eye towards identifying that which is still useful and that which is insufficient for understanding what is new and different in politics and culture today. Situations publishes critical examinations of social movements and popular attempts to guide political change. Situations attempts to foster modes of thinking that recognize the creative role that society plays in its own production. In opposition to simple determinisms, Situations attempts to show the contingencies and peculiarities, the over/underdetermined nature, of political phenomena. This is not viewed as simply a methodological precept but as a political necessity in the attempt to overcome reductionist thought.

Editorial Collective:

Stanley Aronowitz

Peter Bratsis

Tom Buchele

Sam Connett

Luca Delbello

William DiFazio

Bruno Gulli

Kristin Lawler

Michael Pelias

Sara Salman

Dominic Wetzel

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